Saturday, December 20, 2014

Parent Academic Engagement a Key to Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline Crisis

School administrators are always looking for ways to improve their students academic performance. This is an important goal because it can prevents students from positioning themselves to drop out of school. It is unfortunate but a significant amount of prisoners are high school drop outs. Principals need to get parents actively involved in their drop out prevention efforts. Parents need to have the tools to promote academic excellence in their homes. The goal of the parent must be to destroy any possibility that their child will land in prison. The principal must make it clear that the parent and the school are on the same mission.

There are several things principals can do to engage parents and stop the school-to-pison-pipeline. 

1. Point parents to academic support systems in your school regularly.

2. Get a tutor right away 

3. Get the teacher to create sheets of course information that students must know to succeed.

4. Have a school that is focused on careers so that students see the possibility of a better alternative.

5. Regularly ask the parents how the school can be better and strive toward that goal.

6. Be persistent about getting parents talking to school counselors and teachers.

7. Invite parents to use the school computer lab as part of an after school initiative and also offer courses.

8.  Create job opportunities that are tied to school attendance.

9. Have an annual event to recognize parents for their contribution to the school.

10. Establish a homework help after school resource for parents.

Today is the day to make a difference in the life of every student. Now is the time to raise each students motivation to succeed. It's time to cut off he school-to- prison-pipeline right away. Schools must work toward developing new and innovative curriculum that students value. The parents and students need hope that the possibility of a better future is going to be a reality at their school. 

School administrators and teachers must recognize that parents want the best for their child. Implementing activities that highlight the success of your students is one way get parents involved and supporting your efforts. Give out a special pin for students with good attendance and improving grades.

Dr. Stephen Jones is an educator, presenter and author who offers more tips and strategies for parents in his book the Parent Ultimate Education Guide at .

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